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TimerX is an universal timer utility with multiple functionalities.


  • reminds you to take care for your health when you're working with computer
  • tea timers with independent steeping and cooling times
  • universal two-step timers (for cooking etc.)
  • predefine your favorite timers
  • message alerts and repeatable sounds
  • configurable display modes and alert sounds
  • supports system notification center
  • prevents computer from sleep with active timers
  • clean and minimalist interface
  • runs silently in menu bar
  • low system overhead
  • power and CPU load optimized


➔ How to stop a running timer?
Select timer from menu again (running timer have red dot before name).
➔ How to delete timer or tea?
Simply clear timer name (or tea name) in program's preferences and close the window.
➔ How to play other than system sounds?
Copy sound files to your ~/Library/Sounds folder. Sounds must be in AIFF, WAV, MP3 or M4A format.
➔ How to pause running timer for a while?
Simply open menu and stay here. If you close it, timer will continue.
➔ How to reset program to default settings?
Quit application and type one command in Terminal   

rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/cz.aladdin.TimerX/


Make always a perfect tea!